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100% control for 100% success.

Precise coordination of all components and production steps in project execution is indispensable for on-time and stable fulfillment of an order.

Capacities that are planned in good time ensure that production can start without any loss of time once the design phase has been completed. After each production step a quality control is carried out, which checks all components brought in so far in function and processing quality.

Upon completion, we commission each system on site and thus check the function and safety before delivery. This is always done in the presence of the respective project manager from our company.

During commissioning at your site, we can thus be sure that we have provided a flawless service - from planning to many years of trouble-free operation.

WEINREICH has its own test facilities where all plants are tested under load with medium.
In addition, temperature tests in the range -40°C to + 65°C can be carried out in the company's own climatic chamber (4 x 3 x 2 m).