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Temperature control systems for temperature control of several zones with different temperatures

WEINREICH temperature control systems are characterized by central placement of the temperature control zones on a common base frame with central cooling water supply and drain line as well as central connection for separate water replenishment.

For maintenance work, reserve places can be optionally provided or switchable spare units via 3-way valves in the consumer circuit. Furthermore, it is possible to mount the individual temperature control units on pull-out rails.

The system can be controlled via the individual zones, a central control cabinet or externally via various control connections such as Profibus, Profinet or similar. These systems can be expanded with make-up devices and water treatment systems.

Temperature control units on base frame with telescopic drawers

  • microprocessor-controlled temperature controller, modular design,
  • with PID behavior and digital setpoint and actual value display
  • alarm contacts, programmable
  • water-bearing parts made of non-corrosive material
  • stainless steel plate heat exchanger as cooling exchanger
  • Stainless steel screw-in heating element integrated in the water flow pipe
  • Safety thermostat with heating current cut-off
  • SSR semiconductor technology (from 18 kW heating capacity)
  • volume flow/- and system pressure display
  • automatic level monitoring via stainless steel level electrodes
  • automatic water replenishment, optionally from the cooling water line or separate connection
  • dirt trap in the cooling water inlet and separate water make-up feed
  • VP reinforced pump performance
  • MK sealless pump with magnetic coupling
  • FU frequency controlled pump
  • SP special voltage versions
  • VK increased cooling capacity
  • VKK limescale-free cooling
  • VA stainless steel versions
  • DA flow display
  • DK direct cooling
  • D steam heated
  • HW hot water heated
  • automatic venting
  • customized temperature control systems (e.g. pulse temperature control)
  • modular design and multi-circuit systems with central cooling water connections
  • units with fully automatic function (e.g. heating and cooling time presets)
  • manual and automatic mold blow-off devices
  • external and return temperature sensing with temperature control and/or regulation
  • Profinet, Profibus, DeviceNet, CAN-Bus and PC/master computer connection
  • Interface communication for all common machine controls
  • Special paint finishes according to customer specifications
  • Housing in stainless steel design
  • piping of all components in contact with media in stainless steel
  • all units are also available without cooling as heating units or without heating as temperature control with process heat