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Test plant for geothermal pumps

EPR-2500 test plant for geothermal pumps, 2,500 kW cooling capacity, 120 bar overpressure


  • 2.500 kW cooling capacity
  • Temperature control from +60°C to +250°C
  • volume flow 120m³/h, 100 bar
  • SPS control

Test facilities for radar antennas

  • 11 kW cooling capacity, 12 kW heating capacity
  • 31°C to +40°C, 0.4 to 1m³/h
  • Volume flow and temperature control
  • Pressure and capacity monitoring
  • PLC control with communication interface for remote operation and measured value recording

WPT-01 Fully automatic test system for heat pumps, incl. measurement data acquisition

  • 20 kW heating capacity, 60 kW cooling capacity
  • 10°C to +60°C, 0.2-20m³/h volume flow and temperature control
  • PLC control with communication interface for measurement data acquisition



Test facility for e-mobility with climatic chamber for simulation of real operating conditions

  • Developed for the automotive industry
  • 12kW cooling capacity, 30 kW heating capacity
  • Separate temperature control from -40°C to +85°C, for 6 test specimens plus climatic chamber
  • Pressure or volume flow control