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Special machines

Even beyond everyday requirements, WEINREICH sets standards in the customized development of plants and special machines.

All systems are manufactured with the same care and experience that guarantee all WEINREICH series plants a long service life and high reliability.

Redundant control systems, PLC interfaces, remote maintenance, diagnostic functions and also control via internet or intranet are of course possible.

  •     Heating-cooling combinations
  •     Gas-fired large temperature control systems up to 3,000 kW
  •     Engine test bench media conditioning plants
  •     Carbon curing plants
  •     Test bench measuring systems and temperature control plants
  •     Reactor temperature control and cooling
  •     Climate chambers with steam conditioning
  •     Ship cooling systems
  •     Carbonate precipitation plants
  •     Plants for radar cooling
  •     Plants according to MIL standard
  •     Air conditioning plants up to 250°C
  •     Plants for laboratory and process engineering