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Compact cooling machines KKL-R

Air-cooled water recooling machines in compact design for indoor installation with a cooling capacity of 20 to 500 kW, hall heating/air conditioning via ventilation ducts (> 500 kW on request)


  • Energy-efficient scroll refrigerant compressor, from KKL-R 50 with reciprocating piston or screw compressor.
  • High-efficiency refrigerant condenser with centrifugal fans
  • Cold water circulating pump with high-efficiency motor
  • stainless steel cold water tank, insulated
  • electronic temperature controller with digital display
  • automatic level control with additional pump dry run protection
  • automatic and manual water replenishment
  • single diode fault indicator
  • adjustable overflow valve in the cold water supply line
  • splash-proof housing,
  • operational safety due to housing heating and pump freeze circuit,
  • maintenance-friendly design and simple operation
  • customer-specific system planning
  • all approved refrigerants

Energy saving

  • frequency converters for refrigerant compressors
  • speed-controlled pumps and radial fans
  • direct warm air generation for hall heating
  • hot water generation for heating support

Mechanical design

  • increased operational safety due to separate refrigeration circuits
  • refrigerant evaporator in stainless steel design without CU
  • reinforced / additional high pressure pump(s)
  • redundant pumps
  • enlarged stainless steel cold water tank, insulated
  • tank units in material: PE, PP or stainless steel
  • available without tank / and or pump
  • piping in stainless steel design
  • special dimensions
  • special painting
  • Placement and transport in overseas containers

Electrical design

  • Special voltage,
  • PLC control/connection
  • Profinet, Profibus, Devicenet, CAN-Bus and PC / host computer connection,

Environmental requirements

  • Tropical version up to +50°C
  • High-performance radial condenser with sound insulation
  • Heat exchanger fins with epoxy resin coating
  • Sound insulation of the cladding sheets
  • Housing in stainless steel design


  • Recirculation/exhaust air systems
  • Supply air systems
  • Emergency water cooling
  • Cooling water distributor
  • Dirt filters (see water technology)
  • Water treatment systems
  • Glycol water operation down to - 40°C, series: KKL-RG
  • Housing with closed sheet metal cladding, series: KKL-RZ