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Plate exchanger compact blocks PK

Ready-to-connect compact units with media pump, plate heat exchanger, control valve and electrical control mounted on steel base frame for electroplating bath cooling for anodizing and zinc electrolyte.


  • robust, low-wear media pumps, magnetically coupled or as standard pump - stainless steel plate heat exchangers, screwed from stainless steel V4A, Hasteloy, titanium
  • EPDM, NBR or Viton seals
  • 3-way motor control valve with digital positioner
  • Pump fittings and piping in PE, PP, PVC or stainless steel
  • Bath temperature sensor with sensor sleeve and connection set
  • control cabinet with digital temperature controller with bath temperature display,  
  • robust steel base frame
  • maintenance-friendly design and easy operation

Special designs:

  • Tube plate heat exchanger in PE,PP and PVDF
  • Bath heat exchanger in PE,PP and PVDF
  • high temperature design for compression baths
  • heated and plate heat exchanger compact blocks for bath heating
  • Base frame in stainless steel design

Mechanical design

  • compressed air double diaphragm pumps
  • redundant pumps
  • without media pump (oM)
  • motor control valves in stainless steel design
  • pneumatic control valves
  • pump dry run protection with pressure switch
  • flushing device for pump mechanical seal
  • pressure gauge with diaphragm seal
  • collecting pans
  • special dimensions
  • Special painting
  • Special voltage,
  • PLC control/connection
  • Profinet, Profibus, Devicenet, CAN bus and PC / host computer connection,


Tropical version up to +50°C
Splash protection hoods

  • Bath temperature sensor with sensor sleeves, PE, PP, PVC, PVDF or V4A
  • Coarse and fine dirt filters
  • Suction filters for media pumps